Just a reminder that our Kindergarten Round Up is this Thursday, Feb. 2nd! We can't wait to see everyone Thursday night!! Help us spread the word by sharing this post and by telling anyone you think might benefit from attending.
about 9 hours ago, Beth Bredt
round up
Correction: the cancellation notice should have stated Friday January 27th.
4 days ago, Shawn Hale
Due to icy road conditions, the Bullock Creek School District will be closed on Friday January 23rd.
4 days ago, Shawn Hale
We know for a fact that our Mrs. Napoli is an "Extraordinary Educator" but we love it when others shout it from the roof tops! Mrs. Napoli you make an incredible difference each and every day to our school, our students and our families! Thank you, Midland Daily News, for this article and to our BCEL parent who nominated her!!
4 days ago, Beth Bredt
Ms. Terrill and Ms. Heider's Young Five scientists experimented with pendulum painting to experience the affects of push and pull. Messy experiments are the best!!!
5 days ago, Beth Bredt
push and pull
push and pull 2
push and pull 3
Mrs. Wood's 1st grade class at BCEL loved playing in the snow this morning! Finally!! Snow!! They were very proud to be the very first snowman out in our play area!! Our building is buzzing today with snowy excitement!!
5 days ago, Beth Bredt
Mrs. Dopp's 2nd grade scientists at BCEL have been exploring the states of matter. Today the class experimented with the state of gas. Scientists were given a bag, water, and Alka-Selter. Mrs. Dopp than had kids shake up their bag to see what would happen! The kids had a blast waiting for their bags to explode!!! Their giggly screeches were so fun!! Great job little scientists!
6 days ago, Beth Bredt
Calling all Bullock Creek Girls in any of our elementary schools (Pine River, Floyd, BCEL) and their Fellas! BCMS Student Council is hosting a Me & My Favorite Fella dance for our elementary school girls. Our Middle School Student Council will be providing this experience for ALL elementary girls Y5-fifth grade.  If you have any questions, please, direct them to the following email address:  bcmsstudentcouncil@bcreek.org.  
7 days ago, Beth Bredt
my fella
Ms. Terrill's Little Lancers were having a blast at center time today! Ms. Terrill created a washer and drier for kids to interact with in the dramatic play area. The kids had such rich play with these new "toys". Play is so very important in early childhood...the most important part in fact! Play allows our young learners to learn how to enter and exit into play with each other, practice sharing, conflict resolution, engage in a heightened level of vocabulary, and just plain enjoy each other! Play is the work of our littles! Great job little explorers! Your work is so very important!
13 days ago, Beth Bredt
dramatic play
Congrats to Josiah, Marcy, and Madisyn who performed in the Grove All Star Band directed by professor Andrew Rathbun from WMU this Saturday!
15 days ago, Josie Bossenberger
AAll star
all star
All star
all star
Way to represent the Creek today at the Grove Jazz Festival!
17 days ago, Josie Bossenberger
Miss Heider's nature explorers got to spend some time with our nature coordinator, Mrs. Pretzer! These young learners explored bones, tree parts, bird nests, and then enjoyed a story talking about animal prints. We are so grateful for Mrs. Pretzer and our nature room!! These kids had such rich conversations around what the bones could be, how to measure them, how they compare with one another, and where they could have belonged in a body. The vocabulary they used was AMAZING! High interest yields high results! These kids are so so smart!!
18 days ago, Beth Bredt
Mrs. Dopp's 2nd grade authors published their stories and got a chance to present them to an audience today! Authors enjoyed reading their pieces up on the stage to a room full of parents! It was such an enjoyable event put on by Mrs. Dopp! Thank you 2nd graders and Mrs. Dopp for all the work you put in to drafting, revising, editing, and publishing your work! You have come a long way in your skills as writers!!
19 days ago, Beth Bredt
Mrs.Cassow's kindergarten mathematicians created number partners today using play dough! Great job little smarties!!
20 days ago, Beth Bredt
We love when Mr. Hale visits our classrooms! "The Boss" came for a visit to BCEL today to visit, talk with kids, and interact with teachers! We are grateful for our time with him. The kids love to see him and tell him all the things! If you ever need a boost to your ego just visit an early childhood building! Thank you, Mr. Hale, for taking time out of your day to visit us here at BCEL!
21 days ago, Beth Bredt
second grade
Kindergarten Round-Up at Floyd Elementary
26 days ago, Jamie Moses
Floyd Kindergarten Round-Up
I came across this board in Mr. Josh Wright’s 5th grade classroom today. When I asked a student to tell me about it, she explained students may add notes or take notes, depending on their need. I am so grateful for ideas like this and amazing staff like Mr. Wright. —Mrs. Moses
26 days ago, Jamie Moses
Y5's/TK/Kindergarten Round up at BCEL and Floyd Elementary will be held on February 2nd. BCEL will have theirs from 6-7pm and Floyd will host their event from 6:30-7:30pm! We are looking forward to meeting all of our future little Lancers! Join us on February 2nd to meet the teachers, tour the building, take a bus ride, and enjoy some fun activities. There will be informational sessions for the parents and a registration packet to fill out to get your student registered! We are so excited for this event! We cant wait to see you all on Feb. 2nd at either BCEL from 6-7pm or Floyd Elementary from 6:30-7:30!
26 days ago, Beth Bredt
bcel floyd
Floyd 5th graders enjoyed some game time with their friends and teachers the day before break. Board games are a fun way to practice patience when learning something new, winning & losing respectfully, and conversation skills.
27 days ago, Jamie Moses
During Mrs. Clark’s classroom visits at Floyd, students are learning to put their “brave in front” when practicing assertiveness and empathy skills.
27 days ago, Jamie Moses