As of 3:10 PM on 4/12/23, all available computers have been distributed. Thank you for your interest.

Dear Parents,

The District is disposing of several hundred computers. These are devices that have been replaced with newer machines as these can no longer run the latest testing and other programs.

These are HP Chromebooks (G5, 11") and Apple iMacs (2008 vintage, 20"). The machines function and are configured with the latest software that would run on them. Desktops will have a mouse, keyboard and power cord; chromebooks will have the power supply. Some may have cosmetic damage, such as a cracked corner on the case.

As these machines no longer receive software updates, they may or may not continue to function for basic internet and computer tasks.

These are being offered free on a first-come, first-serve basis to students, parents and community members. Limit of 3 devices per person per day. Reservations will not be accepted.

There is NO SUPPORT, our technical staff will not be able to provide any help with these devices, no repairs, no replacement parts, no returns.

The devices will be made available for pick up from the High School Media Center from 3PM to 5PM on Wednesday, April 12th and from 3-5 on Thursday April 13th. 

The Media Center entrance next to the Auditorium entrance will be open and available to use during pickup, which is accessible from the north end of the student parking lot.